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Kwesi Banchoproduductions

I repair drums professionally!


on djembe and other drums.

I am no longer able to count on how many drums I have replaced the skin. My experience allows me to choose the right leather for the size and type of the drum, in order to get the best sound.
I use goat or cow leather,

depending on the preferences of the customer. I stretch the skins with high-quality lines of European origin. All skins come from the countries of the West African region (Guinea, Ivory Coast and Mali).
The cost of goatskin is PLN 75-100.
The cost of skin replacement is PLN 70 - 100.
The cost of leather replacement, stretching, necessary repairs and maintenance - complete renovation of your djembe  180 - PLN 250.
Prices are set individually and depend on the size of the instrument and the amount of work involved.


I play the balaphone myself. Life forced me to learn tuning

and repairing the exotic

and complicated instruments. Virtually all balaphones that go to Europe come from Africa tuned by local manufacturers to the so-called ear, according to regional tuning standards.

Such a balaphon is not adapted to play with our instruments. I know how to deal with this problem.

Once a balaphone has been retuned, it generally does not require re-tuning. The only factor that can change the sound is bad storage of the instrument.I also replace and repair broken skeleton structures, broken lines and thongs, broken calabas.



I always approach my repairs comprehensively. For me, each replacement of the leather with a djembe is tantamount to a review of the condition of the body and its maintenance. For the maintenance of wooden structures, I use a mixture of natural oils prepared according to my own recipe or varnishes. I glue or replace broken elements, replenish any dents. After visiting me, your instrument will feel reborn.


I am not afraid of challenges.

I also repair rare percussion instruments. Man learns all his life.

Kwesi Bancho


Paul Grocott

+48 575 754 433

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