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We invite you to familiarize yourself with the following offer for classes and concerts for the youngest. We offer carefully prepared and thought-out programs of cultural attractions: drumming workshops for children and the whole family, African music concerts, African dance workshops.


We conduct drumming workshops for groups in kindergartens and schools, as well as in community centers,

at festivals, during green schools, summer camps, holidays and birthday parties.

Playing original African drums evokes strong positive emotions in children.

Making music together gives little participants a joyful sense of inner fulfillment,

and teaches cooperation in a group as a musical ensemble. It develops a sense of rhythm in children, gives the possibility of creative expression and develops musical horizons. During musical meetings, children learn to play traditional djembe drums from West Africa (including Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso) and various types of small percussion instruments.


During the classes, children learn the technique of playing drums and learn to play authentic African rhythms. The classes also teach tolerance for cultural diversity and expand knowledgeabout the world. The friendly atmosphere in which we conduct classes supports the natural activity of children, allows for creative self-realization and evokes the   feeling of joy from making music together. The program of activities is adapted to the age of participants, for younger children the program provides for rhythmic games involving movement,

while older children assimilate full musical forms with simple arrangements. We provide djembe drums and percussion instruments to all participants. We have a number for groups of up to 20 participants. As part of working with groups, it is possible to prepare a show.


We organize drumming workshops for families. We provide instruments and qualified instructors who, based on their extensive experience, have created a program of family workshops. Such workshops are a great way for parents or guardians to spend time creatively and creatively with their children. During the workshops, a common ground is created between children and parents, detached from everyday matters and responsibilities. During this short period of time, parents change their role in the relationship, in a way they go down to the level of children, due to the fact that they have the same status with their children towards the teacher. This allows you to deepen your bonds and test yourself in new roles. Children love when their parents are exclusive and play with them as "equals". Thanks to the support and sense of security provided by the presence of parents at the workshop, children find it easier to establish contacts with the rest of the group. This helps in socialization and overcoming fears and social barriers. During the workshops, parents receive a ready idea for further implementation at home. Playing the drums together is a relaxing and developing pastime for children and adults alike. Family workshops are great attractions at all types of picnics and festivals. We provide djembe drums and percussion instruments to all participants. We have a number for 20 participants.



music and educational program "AFRYKAŃSKA PRZYGODA"

We run music broadcasts in kindergartens and primary schools. Our program is a form  an interactive educational concert, presenting music discussed in an accessible and interesting way by substantively and methodically prepared musicians. The 30-40-minute program of the "African Adventure" broadcast includes concert  music, a traditional African dance show, presentation and familiarization of children with original ethnic instruments: dundun, djembe, balafon, krin. The program for kindergartens includes an original African fairy tale with background music. During the music program, children will learn the sound qualities of exotic instruments that are commonly found in Africa, while in Europe they are rare. The idea of music programs and presentation of instruments in educational institutions was born from the willingness to share experiences gained during the trip and from our fascination with African music. We care about the comprehensive development of children and the popularization of African music and culture. Our programs teach children tolerance and respect for the diversity of other cultures and nationalities. The program of the broadcast has been carefully composed and adapted to the perceptive abilities of young listeners. The broadcast can be optionally extended with a half-hour workshop on drums. We strongly encourage all educational institutions to take advantage of our educational offer. We guarantee its high artistic level.


We run one-time and regular African dance workshops for children. African dances full of dynamic movements allow children to use excess energy in an artistic way. There are also elements of rhythmic games during the dance. Such classes are a guarantee of great fun. Classes are conducted with music from CDs or optionally with live drums accompaniment.

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