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Group consists of artists, enthusiast and travellers from Poland, Senegal, Burkina Faso i Australia.  Joined together by their love for traditional music and dance from West Africa.

This shared passion is the foundation of their friendship, and brings a great sense of joy when playing music together, and excellent energy in concert. Lively and hypnotizing music of drums joined with expressive dance are elements that make every show a trilling journey to the origins of rhythm. The repertoire comprises of rhythms and melodies from the Malinke and Susu people of modern day Guinea and Mali. Our band members have visited Africa and various European countries to take lessons from the great masters of African traditional music and dance. We share love to share our passion and send good vibes of energy to audience of all kind. W 2018 roku zespół wydał swoją debiutanką płytę Kelnen.


Band playd many concerts and cooperated with many excellent artists from Africa, for example: Harouna Dembele, Petit Adama Diarra, Adama Bilorou Dembele, Dartagnian camara, Sana Camara, Massa Dembele, Mahomed Dabo i  Oumar Outtara, Seny Bangoura, Adama Keita, Assetou Diabate. Band plays concerts in all of Poland and Europe i.a.: O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary), Djembe Marathon (Czek Republic), S16 - Festival f Drums and Fire, Slot Art Festival, Vibrations Festival, OFCA - Oleśnicki Festiwal Cyrkowo-Artystyczny, Street Party - Warszawa,  Drum Djemboree (Głuchołazy), Around The Rhythm Festival, Festival Przenikania, Las Camp Festival.


The djembe for an adult is usually 60 to 68 cm high, and the diaphragm diameter is 28 to 38 cm. Smaller drums do not allow you to play with the correct technique and bring out the sounds appropriate for the instrument.

Djembe for beginners can be made of cheaper materials. The price of such drums in the right size is about PLN 600-1000. These are generally drums from Ghana, mass-produced, with little care, often available in music stores, so-called convenience stores. African and souvenir stalls. Synthetic djembe drums are also produced with bodies made of plastic or fiberglass with a synthetic head instead of leather. In certain conditions, such as traveling with the drum, playing by the fire in bad weather or playing not in the African style, but using your own technique, in the general world music trend, such a drum can work perfectly. Synthetic drums generally don't stay in tune very well and aren't really for African-style soloing.


Recently, thanks to the global market, we have access to professional African drums in Poland. Modern djembes generally have a goatskin head that is strung with good quality strings. Thanks to this, such drums hold the tuning longer, have a selective sound. They generally come from Guinea, Mali and Côte d'Ivoire. These are high-class wood instruments, handcrafted with attention to detail, often covered with beautiful carvings. If you are looking for such a drum, you can contact us. We always have between 15 and 20 of these djembes for sale to choose from. The prices of such drums, depending on the care of finishing and carving, the quality of the wood, ropes and leather used, cost from PLN 1,100 to PLN 2,500.

In recent years, many native drum makers have also appeared in Poland, who successfully imitate the best African patterns and make drums from Polish wood using African leathers, which sound as good as African originals.

             How to protect and maintain your djembe drum?

Drums made of wood and leather should be protected from the adverse effects of the weather. Against moisture and large temperature changes. Sometimes it happens that due to these factors the skin on the drum cracks. In these cases, you can go to a djembe drum manufacturer. In our "repairs" tab you will find a contact to a member of the Moribaya team, who is passionate about repairing cracked djembe leathers. There is also a misconception here and there that djembe skin should be regularly moisturized or oiled. This is a misconception, the skin should stay dry. It has its own fat that protects it. Moisturizing and oiling the drum will make the sound less clear.

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