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The vibrant energy of the African rhythm.


Moribaya is a multicultural collective with an international composition of artists, enthusiasts and travelers from Poland, Burkina Faso, Australia and Ukraine. They were united by their passion for traditional West African music.

Lively, trance-like rhythms from west africa, beautiful sounds of traditional African instruments and expressive dance make each concert a journey full of sensations and emotions into the African sources of the rhythm. The bands repertoire consists of trance and fast rhythms as well as rocking African melodies, inspired by the musical folklore of West Africa. The pieces are the bands original compositions based on African traditions and their musical language. The group performs their songs on authentic, traditional African instruments such as Kora - African harp, balaphones, ngoni, djembe, dundun, tama and bara as well as the slit drum krin, carignian and djabara. Band members comes from west africa or have traveled to Africa many times to absorb the local musical folklore, which allowed them to penetrate deeply and understand the culture and tradition of West Africa. In October 2018, the band released their debut album Kelen. In February 2020, the second album called Fila was released. In 2021, the band received the third prize at the international festival Mikołajki Folkowe.

The ensemble has had numerous musical collaborations with outstanding African artists. Among others, Harouna Dembele, Petit Adama Diarra, Dartagnan Camara, Sana Camara,  Mahomed Dabo i  Oumar Outtara, Issouf Coulibaly, Amara.  The group actively performs at festivals, including: OZORA (Hungary), Slot Art Festival, Freeq Festival, Vibrations (3 times), Organic, Siemia, Festival, Las Camp, Wolimierz, Owocowy Festival, S16 Festival, Street Party - Warsaw , Djembe Marathon (Czech Republic), Drum Djemboree, Around The Rhythm Festival, Ofca - Oleśnicki Circus-Artistic Festival, Intertwining Festival, Navigator Festival and many others.




djembe, balaphone, dundun.

Living in Warsaw, but coming from Perth in Australia, Paul has travelled the world looking for adventure, finally settling on Central Europe and it's ever growing pockets of djembe enthusiasts. The passion for playing drums has been a big part of Paul's life since 2002, more or less controlling his journey from thereon. After starting on djembe, Paul has visited Burkina Faso and Guinea twice, as well as Mali and Ghana once,usually for 2 or 3 months at a time, studying West African music and traditions with legends such as Koungbana Konde, Bolokada Konde, Tonton Sylla, Bassidi Kone, Karim Coulibaly, Petit Adama DIarra, Makan Kone, Issouf Coulibaly, Kalifa Kone, Hamed Keita, the list goes on and on, and he is now an accomplished djembe, dundun, balafon, krin and ngoni player. Currently in the group Moribaya, where he has been the main composer of 3 studio albums , as well as playing Mande and Bobo balafon and djembe, he is very experienced on stage, having played with some of the worlds best West African, Australian and European musicians in many different settings.



djembe, dance

  He is the founder and manager of the Moribaya band. Archaeologist by education, specializing in underwater archeology, passionate about travel and traditional cultures. Above all, however, a musician and a traditional dance dancer from West Africa. I specialize in playing ethnic percussion instruments from all over the world. She became fascinated with drums at the end of high school, and she began her studies more seriously during her studies. 136bad5cf58d_ She has worked with many great musicians and dancers from Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Senegal. Anika is also involved in activities promoting the culture of West Africa. She is a co-organizer of the Around The Rhythm Festival, and conducts workshops at many festivals throughout Poland and abroad. I am passionate about traditional music in the world. He plays in the band Madrugada. Many people also know her as an excellent teacher of playing na  drums in the oldest drum school in Poland, Klick & Drum. He is active as a studio musician. In his free time, he also deals with handicrafts, makes feather earrings under the pseudonym Piórja, and also dances with led light.



balaphone, ngoni, vocals

Outstanding musician, multi-instrumentalist from Burkina Faso. He started his adventure with music at the age of 3, when he first used ngoni (African harp). From an early age, Noumass was surrounded by music. His father is a well-known and respected ngonist and singer in Burkina Faso. He spent his teenage years outside of school playing the balaphone and ngoni. At the age of 15, he joined the Fasso Djigui music group, which resided in the capital city of Ouagadougou. In 2008, the Fasso Djigui band was invited to Poland to perform during the Cross-Culture Festival. Noumassa returned to Poland in 2015 with his brother Massa Dembele, with whom they performed again at the Cross-Culture Festival. It was then that Noumassa became acquainted with the Moribaya syndrome. Currently, Noumassa lives in Poland and has permanently joined the Moribaya band.


Karol Kot

dunun det, krin, bara

Karol Kot is a drummer and multi-percussionist of the young generation from Szczecin. He especially liked Brazilian, West African and Cuban music, as well as jazz and improvised music. He started his adventure with dunduns and djembes at the age of 7 under the supervision of Leszek Wiszniewski. Since 2014, he has been co-creating the Bloco Pomerania samba battery together with mestre Rafał Krzanowski, and since 2018 he has been a member of the elite, international Bloco X group gathering the best samba players from around the world. He is a graduate of the percussion class of the Jazz Section of the State Music Schools. Fryderyk Chopin in Warsaw, where he studied with the outstanding percussionist Krzysztof Gradziuk. Currently a student of Paul Grocott and Nikodem Bąkowski. In his playing, he uses a combination of percussive technique and ethnic, exotic expression, which he gives vent to at numerous concerts in which he takes part.

Margarita Udovichenko

vocals, sangban, kenkeni, djabara, carignan

Margarita Udovichenko - a graduate of the University of Arts in Kharkiv, at the Faculty of Puppet Theater Actor. Winner of a special award for the best singer at the Mikołajki Folkowe festival. For 3 years she sang in the folk singing laboratory "Wsia Naderzda", she worked in such theaters as "De Facto" (Ukraine), "Live theater" (Ukraine), "Teatr Brama" (Poland). In 2018, she was the organizer of the "Wandering Song" Project (Warsaw), which was implemented thanks to the Warsaw Cultural Education Program and the Bemowo Cultural Center. In addition to Moribaya, Rita also sings in the following groups: Summana, Nowa Kukawica, and is also the founder and leader of the Korinia choir. The main points of interest are working with the natural voice, traditional singing techniques from different cultures of the world and the so-called white singing - Slavic. While singing, he looks for not only good sound, but also dialogue between people.



Sławek Charzyński

krin, sangban, kenkeni


Gosia Marecka

dance, djabara



fula flute, sangban, kenken



djembe, balaphone


Sławek Charzyński

krin, sangban, kenkeni


Gosia Marecka

dance, djabara

Festiwal Sztuk Afrykańskich-121_edited.png





djembe, vocals


Sławek Charzyński

krin, sangban, kenkeni

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